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New four-way stop added to Quincy intersection after neighbors voiced concerns

Intersection at High Bridge Road and Joe Adams road experienced 10 crashes in the past decade
Posted at 3:28 PM, May 16, 2024

  • Gadsden County Commissioner Ronterious Green held community meetings to hear neighbors concerns about this intersection.
  • A new four-way stop was added to slow down drivers and lower the number of crashes happening here.
  • Watch the video to see why it was needed and how neighbors feel about the change.


If you've driven down High Bridge Road, you probably stopped and noticed this.

I'm Ashley Engle in the Quincy neighborhood where after asking for months, neighbors finally got the extra layer of safety they need for this intersection.

There are a couple new neighbors that made themselves right at home at the intersection of High Bridge Road and Joe Adams Road.

"They recently just put a new four-way in."

Stop signs that Jemear says…

"It kinda helps but it really doesn't"

He tells me it helps for slowing drivers down at night with these flashing lights on the signs themselves. But his biggest concern...

"In daytime it kind of slows normal travel down."

County leaders added these stop signs after 10 crashes happened at this specific intersection in the past decade.

"I would get calls from the residents in this area and they would tell me 'we got another car accident"

County Commissioner Ronterious Green recently held community meetings regarding this issue to hear neighbor concerns.

From there, he knew a solution had to be put in place quickly.

"I wanted community input. Definitely, I knew the four-way stop sign would probably be the best solution, but I still wanted to hear what they're concerns were and what they had in mind on what a solution could be."

Green also tells me speeding has been one of the concerns in this area that neighbors including Jemear had.

Despite the slowdown in traffic on these roads, that saying 'slow and steady wins the race,'... Turns into, 'slow and steady' coming up to this intersection keeps drivers 'alert and ready' to keep everyone safe.

“If people drive around more safely, we wouldn’t have to worry about all these stop signs.”

Green says there are many warnings that will alert neighbors about the upcoming stop. These include speed bumps, a stop sign warning and flashing lights on the stop sign.