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Gadsden County leaders work to improve county parks; see how you can help

Shiloh Park is the first of many park makeovers across the county
Posted at 4:50 PM, May 29, 2024
  • Gadsden County leaders are renovating county parks all through the summer.
  • Shiloh Park is first on the list to get a makeover.
  • Check the video to see what will be added to the park and how you can get involved.


I'm Ashley Engle in the Quincy neighborhood where a major makeover is going to happen. County leaders tell me they are fixing up Shiloh Park. I'm looking at those plans

Replacing grills, and taking out signs

"We can actually create an environment right here in Gadsden County and not more so have to visit our neighboring counties."

Creating safe and clean parks for neighbors. That's Shawanna Moye's goal for all 12 of the county's park.

Shawanna is Gadsden County's parks and recreation director

"It means so much to me, the communities are near and dear to my heart."

Gadsden County Parks and Recreation and the county's 'Love Where You Live' campaign is doing an extreme makeover cleanup at all the county parks.

Shiloh Park kicked off the makeover this week.

"This is our job; our job is to keep Gadsden County beautiful."

Gadsden county's Leslie Steele says the partnership with love where you live and parks and rec is part of the county's responsibility to keep neighborhoods beautiful and clean. She tells me the park renovations are coming out of the county's budget.

"Love Where You Live is in place and we are growing and expanding and now we are focusing on our parks."

So what's happening at Shiloh Park?

Playground equipment will be repainted.

The basketball court will be repaved.

And new swings will be added.

Shawanna says the goal of these clean ups is to make sure everyone works together to keep this neighborhood beautiful.

"Just making sure that our identity is across the board at all 12 parks. We're starting here in Shiloh Park but we will continue to go to all the parks in Gadsden County."

Neighbors can come out Saturday June 1st from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to help clean up the park.