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Gadsden County building renamed after first minority congressmen to come out of neighborhood

The County Co-operative Extension Service Facility is now named after former Congressmen Alfred J Lawson Jr.
Posted at 4:23 PM, Jun 19, 2024
  • Former Congressmen Lawson served 34 years in office.
  • While in office, Lawson brought back $40 million for local projects in Gadsden County.
  • Watch the video to hear his message to the community.

Neighbors honored former Congressmen Alfred J. Lawson Jr. Wednesday morning for what he has done for this neighborhood.

I’m your Quincy neighborhood reporter Ashley Engle. The Gadsden County's Co-Operative Extension Service Facility was renamed after the former congressmen I’m looking at what's behind this name change.

“I learned a long time ago, especially being an elected official, it’s not about what we receive, it’s about what you are doing for the people."

A man who has served people for 34 years in office.

"How well can you do things for the people in your community to make sure they are taken care of."

Years of service that inspired Gadsden county commissioners like Brenda Holt to rename the county co-operative extension service facility after former congressmen Alfred J Lawson Jr..

"Our relationship with him, we were able to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars through him. He understood our plight."

Lawson served in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Florida State Legislature as a member of the Florida House and Senate.

While working for Gadsden County in Congress, Holt says Lawson brought back $40 million for local projects.

"When I met him, talked with him, he was pro for the underdog, and I’ve always been for those who are in need because if the bottom rises the top rises."

Lawson says he hopes his story can inspire younger generations and neighbors in the area, to dream big despite, where they come from.

“If you work hard, stay in school, they can do wonderful things. We need the youth to be able to come behind us."

Leaders tell me this new change was a good fit as the former Congressmen helped county leaders secure funding to develop this building. In the Quincy neighborhood, I’m Ashley Engle, ABC 27.