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UPDATE: New jobs expected with Nammo Perry’s planned expansion; see what's in the works

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Posted at 10:16 AM, May 15, 2024
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A Nammo representative answered ABC 27's questions about the project. Find their responses below.

Q: How many jobs are expected with this expansion? 

A: The project will add approximately 200 additional full-time employees to the current 135-person workforce at Nammo in Perry, Florida.

Q: What kind of jobs will you be hiring for as the project moves forward?

A: The new production facilities at Nammo Perry Inc. will require workers with a wide variety of skill sets and qualifications, including highly-skilled manufacturing, administrative and finance, engineering, ballistics and quality control. The expansion project includes the addition of 320 acres to Nammo Perry’s current 1,040-acre property, located on Puckett Road south of Perry, to make way for the initial construction of 10 new buildings, which will include administrative, production and testing facilities.

The President & General Manager of the Nammo Perry Inc. site, Elizabeth Eastman says:

"By expanding our Perry, Florida facility, we're not just increasing production capacity – we're bolstering security. This collaboration with Raytheon is a testament to our shared dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology and supporting the U.S. and its allies in their defense efforts."

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Work on the product inside the Perry facility


  • Nammo, an international aerospace and defense company headquartered in Norway, has announced plans to expand operations in Perry.
  • The newly expanded facility will open in 2027.
  • Read the news release we just received from Congressman Neal Dunn regarding the plan below.


Congressman Neal Dunn (Florida-02) released the following statement after the international aerospace company Nammo signed an agreement with America-based Raytheon to support the expansion of Nammo’s existing manufacturing facility in Perry, Florida.

“I’m thrilled to hear that Nammo and Raytheon have decided to continue their relationship with the people of Perry by expanding their investment in the local economy,” said Congressman Dunn. “This agreement will give the United States a reliable domestic source of rocket motors for the foreseeable future while strengthening the North Florida economy. Companies worldwide continue investing in North Florida because of the strong business climate and hardworking residents. I look forward to seeing how this agreement will benefit the people of Perry and bolster our national security.”

Nammo is an international aerospace and defense company headquartered in Norway that operates seven U.S. production sites. It specializes in manufacturing ammunition, rocket motors, and space applications. About one-third of its employees are based in the United States. Raytheon, an RTX company, is a leading provider of defense solutions to the U.S. government and our allies based in the United States.

The newly expanded facility will open in 2027.

Facility in Perry, Fla.


According to the Nammo website, Nammo employees working at the Perry, Florida sitemanufacture all types of 40mm low and high velocity ammunition; pyrotechnic marking; signaling and tactical illumination devices; battlefield effects training simulators; demolition charges; hand grenade fuzes; and other ammunition components. Additionally, they provide load, assemble, and pack (LAP) services for large caliber direct-fire ammunition.

Morten Brandtzaeg, President and CEO of Nammo said, “We are proud to build upon our established solid rocket motor capabilities in Norway for expansion into the U.S., with the strong commitment from Raytheon as a merchant supplier. This collaboration is a testament to our long-standing and trusted relationship. It underscores our joint dedication to strengthening the solid rocket motor industrial base to support growing U.S. and allied needs, with Nammo as an independent rocket motor supplier to missile primes. We look forward to building on this at our site in Perry, Florida."

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Work on the product in Perry

“This project brings critical capacity and capability in solid rocket motor manufacturing to the U.S. industrial base and positions Raytheon to secure the energetic and propulsion material required to increase and accelerate manufacturing of our weapon systems,” said Phil Jasper, president, Raytheon. “We are building on our long-standing relationship with Nammo and are eager to see Nammo’s U.S. operations develop to ensure we can meet the current and future demand of our domestic and international customers.”

ABC 27 has contacted the company to see how many jobs and what kinds of jobs will be opening with the expansion.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.