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Tallahassee music duo "Hot Tamale" raising awareness to help protect the planet

Posted at 7:02 PM, Apr 21, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-21 19:02:57-04
  • Tallahassee music duo "Hot Tamale" created the song "Our Green Earth" which will be released on all platforms Monday, April 22nd for Earth Day.
  • Their message is to raise awareness for the Earth and get the community involved to help protect it.
  • Pastor Kim Buchanan has created the community group Tally Green Sing, which Hot Tamale is involved in, to gather members of the community to sing songs about the environment to encourage people to act on environmental issues.


I’m First To Know Meteorologist Riley Winch at Winthrop Park in Northwest Tallahassee, where local musicians are getting ready for Earth Day.

“These are our tall trees”

That’s part of the new song and music video to Our Green Earth, written by Hot Tamale. Their goal, to encourage everyone to help protect our planet.

“We met at the downtown market. I was helping my friend Nancy Jefferson sell pottery, and he would busk, he would just come and play guitar, and I thought, that guy needs harmony.”

Meet Craig Reeder and Adrian Fogelin, the duo that makes up the musical group Hot Tamale. They are a local, Tallahassee based group that focuses on raising awareness for the environment.

So what inspired them to create their new song, Our Green Earth?

“As Earth Day was approaching, we thought were songwriters, let’s write a song about the Earth”

And not only did Hot Tamale write the song, they got a huge amount of the local community to participate in the music video!

“There are all kinds of people. Young people, old people. It’s our hope that this will stimulate people coming together to protect the environment.”

“This is our one voice”

“Turning Tally greener, our city has a plan. Turning Tally greener, tell everyone you can!”

Speaking of community involvement, that’s Kim Buchanan, pastor of the Tallahassee United Church. She is the organizer of the community singalong group, Tally Green Sing.

They got their start in March of last year, getting community members to come together and sing at events like city council meetings, where they focus on environmental protection.

Pastor Kim’s philosophy is that “by singing, and introducing some fun into what we’re doing, that we can act together to heal the Earth”

If this is something you’re interested in, she encourages “if you want to sing and help heal the Earth, come join us!”

“These are our blue streams”

You can see members of Tally Green Sing in the Our Green Earth music video.

It is available on all platforms, including YouTube, this Earth Day.

Music brings people together, making it a perfect opportunity to raise awareness on taking care of our planet. From Winthrop Park, I’m First To Know Meteorologist Riley Winch, ABC 27.

“This is our green earth to keep true”