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NEW PHOTOS: Show Godby flood as it happened; students back to school as neighbors rally to support teachers

Posted at 7:19 PM, Apr 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-15 19:19:16-04
  • Godby High School reopened Monday less than a week after flash flooding forced it to close.
  • Leon County Schools says insurance will cover 100% of teachers' belongings that were ruined during the flood.
  • Watch the video to get an update on the damage and community efforts.

Newly-released surveillance pictures show just how high the water got in Godby High School Thursday.

I'm Kenya Cardonne, your neighborhood reporter in Northwest Tallahassee.

Monday, students went back to class here.

I'm finding out what it took to make that happen and how neighbors are working together to keep the support going.

Rocky Hanna, Leon County Schools Superintendent: "We had two water extraction companies on site, we had five cleaning companies, we had two landscaping companies, the City of Tallahassee brought a crew in to do a lot of the cleaning of the parking lot."

That's what Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna tells me it took to make a comeback from this.

Hanna: "You look at some of these pictures, a lot of water, a lot of water, basically a river went through that entire campus."

Those newly-released surveillance photos show the flood that made its way into Godby Thursday morning.

Friday, we took you inside as crews worked to clean up the damage.

Thanks to those efforts, students were able to head back to class Monday.

But Northwest Tallahassee wasn't the only area to feel the effects of the strong weather.

We checked back in with neighbors in Southwest Tallahassee Monday.

Elizabeth Estrada, Neighbor: "Ahi pasa un rio y ese rio rebalso, se vino el agua aquí." [Translation: "There is a river there, and that river overflowed and the water came all the way over here."]

Elizabeth Estrada lives near Emily Loop, one area where high water surrounded homes Thursday and Friday.

Estrada: "No mas asta aqui el agua, salimos para aya" [Translation: "The water only came up to here, we were able to get out by going that way."]

She says the water reached just below her knees, but thankfully did not leave her family stranded inside her house.

While neighbors on the Southwest side of town work to move forward...

Community leaders are still working to support the educators at Godby.

Allison Tant, State Representative House District 9: "I want these students to feel supported, I want our teachers to know how valued they are"

State representative Allison Tant says she's working to collect school supplies for Godby's teachers affected by the flooding.

Tant: "You know this time of year, pretty much the school supplies for the year have been bought. So to have to replace some of these things this time of year so close to the end, is a lot."

Yet, Superintendent Hanna tells me...

Hanna: "I just want to let the community know we got this, we really appreciate all of your offers of support, but we're built for this, we're made for this, and if there is any we will come to you."

Superintendent Hanna tells me insurance will be able to cover 100% of teachers' belongings.

If you would still like to help Godby's educators and students get back on their feet, you can drop off school supply donations at Chiles High School's front office. They will accept donations until Tuesday, April 30 before sending them to Godby High School.

In the Northwest Tallahassee neighborhood, I'm Kenya Cardonne, ABC 27