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Neighbors fighting to save multiple oak trees in this Northwest Tallahassee neighborhood

Posted at 9:48 PM, Jan 20, 2024
  • Neighbors are concerned 20 oak trees are in danger of being cut down due to redevelopments for the new TPD headquarters.
  • A zoom call is scheduled between those in the community and the city to find common ground on the oak trees.
  • Watch the video above to hear from neighbors in the community


“The neighborhood really loved those trees because they form a buffer for the neighborhood and keeps it quieter and more beautiful…”

That was Randie Denker.

She’s lived in Tallahassee for almost 50 years and is with the Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods.

The planned development of the Tallahassee Police Department headquarters would lead to 20 oak trees being cut down in her neighborhood.

That is the area being developed for the new Tallahassee department.

The TPD headquarters would be located in the Parkside and Park Terrace community

“The city is going back on its promise with the development plan and the neighborhood has a right to be upset about it…”

Dorthy Inman Johnson is a former Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tim of Tallahassee…

I looked at plans from the city’s development of the space and it says those trees have to come down to create more space for TPD.

Neighbors like Johnson and Denker were able to schedule a zoom meeting with City commissioners at 1 o’clock Monday to discuss the development.

She says the meeting between neighbors and the city is a step in the right direction to keeping the trees protected.

“This shows other neighborhoods that when you get involved, you can get attention… the squeaky wheel gets the oil…”

It’s something Denker agrees with…

“They’re concerned about it enough that there’s been a real outpour of concern… I’m cautiously optimistic, I think it’s a great first step that they’ve heard us and they’re willing to meet with us.”