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With Ox Bottom, Thomasville Road property rezoned, we're tracking what's next

Posted at 6:24 PM, Dec 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-14 18:24:56-05
  • In a 3-2 vote Wednesday, the Tallahassee City Commission voted to approve rezoning of a property on the corner of Ox Bottom and Thomasville Roads.
  • The change will allow for a gas station and fast food restaurant to be put on the corner.
  • The president of an HOA near the property got 600 neighbors to sign a petition against the rezoning.
  • Watch the video to hear from another neighbor who thinks a road extension a part of the project will improve safety.


Despite push-back from some neighbors, this land is set to be rezoned.

I’ve been following the project here at the corner of Ox Bottom and Thomasville Roads for months.

Despite no official site plans, I'm tracking what could be built here.

As new grass grows on this property at Thomasville and Ox Bottom Roads, so do concerns over what may be built here. "Michael and I were taking an evening walk and saw the rezoning sign," Snyder said.

Kathy Snyder is one of the neighbors living near this project. She's been tracking the progress here for months.

Those concerns drove her to Tallahassee City Commission Wednesday night. She and other neighbors voiced their opinions on changes to zoning in their area that would allow development here.

A gas station or fast food restaurant could be built in the future. "It's still concerning to put gas tanks in an area that's a lower area," Synder said.

Snyder got 600 neighbors to agree with her about the concerns through a petition to stop the rezoning.

Despite her support, the city commission approved a zoning change to allow the developer to put these businesses in the area if they wish. A city planner noted that the flood plane maps must be approved with a site plan.

Steve Ghazvini, the owner of the property, spoke at the meeting Wednesday night. He said there are no set plans for the land just yet.

"None of these uses necessarily mean that they are going to happen. It's just the process is lengthy," Ghazvini said. "We cannot come in front of the commission every time with a different use and apply."

A plan that is in place: an extension of Velda Dairy Road through the site to connect to Ox Bottom.

It's something that excites Steve Winn. He spoke in support of the zoning change.

"Many times coming home, making that left turn on to Ox Bottom Road, it's difficult," Winn said. "We heard about Thomasville to Velda Dairy Road light and we support that." He said the development would also add to the area.

"We've seen development enhance our community both through jobs and through housing," Winn said.

While Snyder said she is open to development coming to the area, she hopes neighbors can work to have a say in the plans.

"I was discouraged," Snyder said. "But, I'm a little hopeful that maybe if we do hear from the developer things will work out."

The next step in this process is for the builder to submit site plans for the project.