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Chiles High School students spread kindness at Florida Capitol 6 years after South Florida school shooting

The 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School took 17 lives
Posted at 5:51 PM, Feb 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-14 17:51:25-05
  • Students from Chiles High School honored the lives lost in Parkland 6 years ago.
  • They are all a park of the RAK Pack. It stands for Random Acts of Kindness Club.
  • Watch the video to see they message they're sending to Florida lawmakers.


Spreading kindness one card at a time: I’m Kendall Brandt your neighborhood reporter in Northeast Tallahassee where students from Chiles High School took a trip to the state capitol to honor the lives lost in Parkland 6 years ago.

Madeline Jones says she loves to make people smile.

"I like to be kind to everybody, I try to be kind to everybody and look out for people."

That's why she and nine of her Chiles High School classmates came out to the Florida State Capitol Wednesday. "We're here to remember Parkland and the lives that were lost and the families still so focused on the event."

Jones and her classmates are handing out Valentine's in honor of the 17 lives lost when a gunman came into Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day of 2018. They also made memorial hearts to give to lawmakers representing the town of Parkland in South Florida.

They are all a park of the RAK Pack. It stands for Random Acts of Kindness Club. Misty Chase sponsors the group. She tells me her students do things like this all year round.

"They try to pick projects and things to do for people who maybe don't get recognized as often as they should."

Chase says they had a special mission for Wednesday. "We wanted to make sure people knew they weren't forgotten, what happened there in Parkland."

Student, Christian McCorvey, says spreading kindness is an easy action that can help stop things like school shootings from happening in the future.

"Anybody can be kind and it starts with helping others." McCorvey and the other students met with lawmakers to tell them how important that sentiment is to them.

Junior, Aubrey Justin, says the reaction has been positive. "They're surprised what we're doing and once we explain it, they are really happy we're taking time out of our day to bring kindness to their day."

It's something Jones says all of her classmates are happy to do."You're supposed to love everybody and be kind to everybody especially on a day that's devoted to love and kindness."

The club will continue to carry out random acts of kindness like this one throughout the rest of the school year.