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Thomasville Police warn residents about suspicious emails; here's what you need to know

Email scams targeting local downtown Thomasville businesses
Posted at 6:19 PM, Oct 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-02 18:19:54-04
  • Suspicious emails have been going around South Georgia.
  • Police and a Thomasville organization are warning residents to be careful.
  • Watch the video above to see the warning signs.


We all love our technology, but it's important to remember to be safe. I'm Kandace Blake your Thomasville neighborhood reporter. Police and downtown organizers here have an important message you need to hear when it comes to emails. Here's what I found out Monday.

Kathleen Kelly, Managing Partner at Kevin's "I feel like I get an email to this affect every week."

That's Kathleen Kelly, a managing partner at Kevin's located in downtown Thomasville. She, like many business owners, have experienced some form of scamware.

Kathleen Kelly, Managing Partner at Kevin's "The amount of money that we're having to spend to protect our company from fraud, it's unbelievable."

Kelly says her business can't afford to lose any money to fraud especially with prices surging due to inflation. I told her about the latest suspicious email floating around the Rose City. Early Monday, I found this post from Thomasville Police Department.

They're warning the community about scammers posting as a community organization..."Downtown Thomasville."

Nicole Elwell, Special Events Manager "We had a few scammers reach out to our downtown businesses from emails that looked like they were coming from downtown Thomasville."

Nicole Elwell tells me someone was posing as a city employee trying to get payment information from potential vendors. To avoid this Elwell suggests…

Nicole Elwell, Special Events Manager "Look at that email. Where is it coming from? If it's not coming from but it's coming from a Gmail it is not us."

Kelly says she feels most sorry for those who don't deal with this sort of thing on the daily and wants to remind everyone.

Kathleen Kelly, Managing Partner at Kevin's "Don't reply to anything that asks for any type of personal information."

Remember, if you get one of those emails, don't respond, and don't fill out forms or send money. Your Thomasville neighborhood reporter, Kandace Blake, ABC 27.