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Tallahassee landmark shutting down while new housing complex is planned nearby

Mike's pawn shop closing its doors after 48 years; how new development will affect the area
Posted at 10:31 PM, Aug 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-17 22:31:48-04
  • A Tallahassee business is closing down after 48 years.
  • New project developments are being built in that area include student housing.
  • The pawn shop business will officially close on August 31st.


An end of an era. Mikes pawn shop behind me is closing down after 48 years. I'm Terry Gilliam near Southwest Tallahassee. We're taking a look at why the owner decided to move on and what's next for the development in this area.

Mike's pawn shop has been around since the fall of 1975.

Store owner, Mike Norman, was 22 when he opened the shop, and he is now 70.

The reason it's closing?

"It's time, you know, we're tired and we want to take a break. We want to do a little more fishing, spend a little more time with the family."

While his shop is closing, Norman tells us what he'll miss the most…

"Miss our good customers, they're more like friends. When we tell people we're going out of business, some of them almost break down and cry."

He knows the customers meant to him.

"Just good folks…. Good folks."

Now a new change is coming.

New student housing is being built on the same block in the same area.

Some people believe new student housing is a good thing.

"Let's realize that student housing is a business, it's the business of housing."

That's Leon County commissioner Bill Proctor of the southwest district.

I asked him his thoughts on the new developments.

"As commissioner are you impressed with the economic development in your district?"

"From a commissioner's standpoint, when I look at the tax value of the same land, i am impressed, and I know that the coffers of our community are going to swell because this is a multimillion-dollar housing unit."

Although new changes are coming, many people believe mikes pawn shop and other businesses will continue to be respected.

"The family that owned the pawn shop, the army navy store... They had a great run."

Mike’s pawnshop will officially close its doors august 31st. Near Southwest Tallahassee, Terry Gilliam ABC27.