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Remembering DeMario: Family of Tallahassee mass shooting victim speaks as one-year mark approaches

Posted at 7:14 PM, Oct 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-04 19:26:28-04
  • It's been almost one year since DeMario Murray was killed outside of Half Time liquors in October 2022.
  • The family is calling for action and to stop the violence.
  • Watch the video above to hear what Murray's mother has to say.


"I'm stronger today than I was when it first happened… by the grace of god."

Sandra Horne is the mother of Demario Murray. Murray was shot during a mass shooting outside of Half-Time liquors in October of 2022.

Today… for the first time she spoke publicly about her son's death.

She is also calling for change.

"Now it's time for others to realize that gun violence needs to stop."

The family held a press conference Wednesday remembering Murray and marking one year since his death.

Behind them ... a billboard in his memory.

"The fact that Ms. Horne was ready to speak out, ready to send this message and make it real; we're hoping it will send a message throughout the community that this violence needs to stop."

That's Mutaqee Akbar, an attorney with Akbar Thomas. He's representing the victim's family.

He says there are still discussions to find answers on how to stop the violence.

"We're still talking to try to see what we can do both short term and long term to make sure things like this don't happen."

So far, the family has filed a civil lawsuit in March against halftime liquors and Westwood Plaza. That's now in litigation.

I reached out to the owner of halftime liquors, and they declined to comment.

With the family calling for action and asking for answers, Akbar says…

"The answer is not to not have an answer, the answer is to continue to try do the work and try to find solutions."

It's something Horne could agree with.

"We need to get the word out, get the guns off the street. I know that's a hard task to do but it's something that I pray about."