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"Plenty of crabs for this festival"- Panacea prepares for return of Blue Crab Festival

People in this community are getting ready to bring back a tradition that celebrates Panacea's culture
Posted at 10:24 AM, Sep 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-29 18:24:31-04
  • Blue crabs are big part of Wakulla County Culture.
  • People in this community are getting ready to bring back a tradition that celebrates those crabs this weekend.
  • Watch the video to hear from one man who enjoys catching the crabs.


For the first time since the Pandemic...

The Blue Crab Festival is crawling into Wooley Park.

Micheal Barwick has been blue crab harvesting his whole life.

"It's been my life I don't know anything else."

One thing he does know?

The industry has changed over the years.

"Rules and regulations come down against the industry and little by little factories have faded away." Barwick says

Despite that change, he tells me the rules and regulations won't hurt this year's festival.

"There's plenty of crabs for this festival." Barwick says

Ask the people who live here and they'll tell you...the festival helps keep the industry alive

"This festival has really help you know keep the blue crab name out there and keep it going" Barwick says

Blue Crab festival will have over a hundred vendors and about 14 different food vendors this year.

"It's just a wonderful thing for our community that brings people together and wants us to touch back to our roots." Miller says.

Kinsey Miller is Wakulla County's public information officer and Tourist Development Coordinator.

He tells me he's been going to the festival since his childhood.

"It has a significant economic development impact on our community as a whole, not just panacea, but all of our coastal communities, and even Crawfordville, because we're seeing a lot of traffic come through Crawfordville into panacea, and even from the Franklin County side coming in." Miller says

It could also help new businesses like Trident.

They've been up and running for about 4 months.

"I think it's gonna be an awesome event" Rice says

Owner Jesse Rice says this is the first year Trident will be open for the festival.

"We're just gonna be open and do what we do you know put out some good food and sell some drinks" Rice says

Good food and community. Something Barwick says Panacea is all about.

" I look forward to a great festival this year."

The festival starts at 10am Saturday. They'll be live music food and a parade! Kids are free and adults are $2 at the door.