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SEE HOW: Valdosta schools are teaching middle school students about STEM

St. John's Catholic School and Valdosta Middle STEM Academy are showing students how to use STEM in the real world.
Posted at 6:25 PM, Nov 09, 2023
  • Valdosta Middle STEM Academy recieved its national accrediation in 2020.
  • St. John's Catholic School got their own STEM Lab in August.
  • Watch the video to see how studnts are using the curriculum in the real world.


Look behind me. Looks like a regular trophy case, right? These are engineering blueprints and other projects created by middle schoolers.

I'm Malia Thomas, in Valdosta.

South Georgia is making strides in STEM education, and I've been going to area schools to see how they're including it in the curriculum as more jobs open up in the community.

"The best thing about STEM to me is working together with your peers we collaborate and communicate in so many different ways."

Meet Malia Green.

She is a student at Valdosta Middle School STEM Academy.

She tells me STEM teaches her a lot, but she tells me she likes using what she learns in real life, like for the school's Halloween STEM challenge.

"We had aluminum materials we have popsicle sticks Q-tips and then we have pumpkins and pipe cleaners and we were supposed to build something that could hold at least five pumpkins or more."

The Valdosta STEM kids aren't the only future engineers.

I made my way over to St. John's Catholic school, who just got a STEM Lab of their own a couple of months ago.

There, I met eighth grade Daniella Sanchez, who showed me a project her class was working on: a new ferris wheel.

"Right now, we're working on this ferris wheel behind me and it's in the process but it should be around like 6 foot by the time we're done and I'm really excited for what it's going to look like."

"Can you show us what it can do?"

"Yeah I can show you. That's what have so far."

I also spoke with teacher Arlene Manning. She tells me the application of science and mathematical concepts is the way of the future for learning and the workforce as its, "next generation. I really feel like the room the drop-in turnkey smart lab technology that's been dropped into here is absolutely next generation."

These students have a bright future, as STEM careers are expected to to dominate the job markets in the next few years.