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GBI investigates murder of Valdosta State bartender at Flops nightclub

Brianna Long, 21-year-old VSU student and Flops bartender, was killed in a shooting at the club on Sunday morning.
Posted at 6:55 PM, Oct 31, 2023
  • A shooting occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 29th at Flops nightclub in Remerton.
  • Brianna Long, a VSU dental hygienist student and bartender for the club, was killed when a bullet struck her in the head.
  • Watch the video to see where the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is in their investigation.


Shifting gears where a night of fun turned deadly for one Remerton business.

"I felt like I was gonna get hit by a bullet at any moment."

I'm Malia Thomas in Valdosta, and I'm here at the bar strip in Remerton, which is home to Flops, a nightclub and bar, to learn more about a shooting that took the life of a Valdosta State Student on Sunday.

"I just like think that's very dangerous. They're putting a lot of teens and a lot of people in this in one little space and expecting things not to go left when all these people, a lot of them are immature, childish, and under influence."

Eboni Tomblin was one of many customers at Flops on Sunday morning. She tells me she was heading back to her car after when she heard the unthinkable .

"...out the blue shots just started happening out of nowhere. Just boom boom boom boom boom."

She took me to the spot where she heard it all go down.

"The officer actually spotted the gun as I was walking out to seeing that way, but he had found the gun here. The car is parked facing that way back."

Caught in the crossfire was Brianna Long, 21-year-old bartender and VSU student studying to become a dental hygienist.

She was set to graduate next year. Morgan Nicole Long, Brianna's aunt, provided some pictures of Brianna during her happier moments, and wrote 'I have no doubt where Brianna is right now. And she's dancing freely with the Lord. Until I see you again, Bri Bri I love you'.

I checked with the GBI to see where they are in their investigation and was directed to a statement they released Sunday, in which they describe the incident as 'senseless'. It is believed that it may have stemmed from an fight that started outside.

Eboni also came to this conclusion, and feels Flops and Xtreme, another club on the same strip in Remerton, should be shut down due to the violence.

"Personally, I feel like over the years of living in Valdosta, I have heard too many things going on in that strip, and most of the violence in Remerton comes from that strip. So, yes, personally I feel like that is not a safe place to go if you want to go clubbing and just want to have fun."

VSU's Counseling Center has 24/7 resources for students who are experiencing grief from the shooting.