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Thomasville woman driving passengers to and from Tallahassee's new Amazon facility; see how she could help you

Posted at 5:27 PM, Oct 18, 2023
  • A woman in Thomasville is helping neighbors in the Rose City get to work.
  • She's driving a van that holds up to 14 passengers.
  • Watch the video to hear why she does it and how it could help you.


LaToya Crawford owns and operates Toya's Transit.

"Toya's Transit can provide service to people who are willing and ready to work," said LaToya Crawford, Owner of Toya's Transit.

Based in Thomasville, Crawford is ensuring everyone gets a chance to work at the new Amazon Facility in Northeast Tallahassee.

We took you inside of the 630,000 sq ft space back in September.

They're offering positions with pay starting at $16 an hour.

"Everybody wants to work there but we can't get there," said Crawford.

For those traveling from Thomasville it's about a 30-mile commute.

Not everyone has a reliable mode of transportation.

"Kandace, I received a lot of phone calls, a lot of text messages, messages on Facebook about the services I provide. They want to get there."

The former school teacher is working to fix that. Her van holds up to 14 passengers.

Though the ride rates may vary she's offering the first 10 people at $12 round trip.

"I'm all about helping and right now there's a time of need for finances. Inflation— everything is sky high. So, people need to work."

In January, I reported Amazon was considering plans to partner with Star Metro for Tallahassee transportation.

A bus stop located at the Amazon facility was the goal.

I checked with the City of Tallahassee Wednesday.

They told me they have not received a formal request for that kind of service.

Now Crawford is working to fill the gap.

"My transportation services make sure that people get to work to take care of their families."

To get in contact with Crawford try the below!
Facebook: LaToya Crawford
Cell: 850-782-1090