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SEE WHY: Thomasville's American Legion Post 519 at risk of losing liquor license

Police report an uptick in calls for service in area around legion
Posted at 6:30 PM, Oct 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-25 18:30:44-04
  • An American Legion Post serving the Rose City could lose its liquor license.
  • Thomasville Police say they're responded to an increasing number of complaints in the area surrounding the legion.
  • Watch the video to hear community concerns and what legion leaders are doing about it.


Thomasville's American Legion Post 519 is at risk of losing their liquor license. This comes after Thomasville's Police Department took surrounding neighbor complaints to city hall.

Tangela Hayes, Post Commander for American Legion post 519 said, "even on nights when we're not here there are block parties. There are different things that go on in this neighborhood that have nothing to do with The Legion."

The American Legion Post 519 or "the legion" as it's commonly known around the Rose City, is under fire after Monday's city council meeting.

Thomasville's Police Department took what they're calling neighbor concerns to the council in efforts to suspend or revoke The Legion's liquor license.

Major Shane Harris of the Thomasville Police Department said, "citizens' complaints grew from these disturbances that we were responding to."

At the meeting, Major Shane Harris outlined the number of concerned neighbors calling about crowds in the area. The Legion is located in the middle of a neighborhood on Hopkins Street.

"The disturbances caused TPD to call on other agencies to assist in clearing the streets and restoring the peace," Harris said.

And there's a trend.

In 2021 TPD said they got 44 calls.

In 2022 it rose to 46.

That number has increased to 57 so far for this year.

That's a 24 percent increase.

Now, they are asking for more to be done.

But the Legion's first female commander said, "the reason we were never given any citations for anything is because nothing ever happened on The Legion's property."

Hayes said they have been communicating with TPD about helping with crowd and street control and denies any foul play taking place on their property.

"It's not safe for me or any of our Legionnaires to approach cars or vehicles in the street."

Hayes says the veteran post has hired security, implemented wristbands, and installed a chain fence to avoid people from entering the property. She says anything negative that happens in the area is tied back to The Legion despite not being involved.

At the same time, TPD says the list of complaints is taking away from other emergencies. While the debate continues, Hayes said The Legion's events are necessary to help fund programs to give back to the community.

City council says they will continue to gather information and will make a final decision at a later date.