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SEE WHY: Thomasville Fountain of Life Shelter seeks $10,000 from area leaders

Thomasville's Fountain of Life Shelter sees uptick in visitors
Posted at 4:53 PM, Oct 17, 2023
  • The Fountain of Life Rescue Shelter has seen over 300 visitors this year.
  • Last year that number was between 150-200.
  • Check out the video above to see what those funds would go towards.


The Fountain of Life Rescue Shelter recently asked Thomas County Commissioners for $10,000 dollars after seeing an increase in visitors.

I spoke with the people in charge and here's what I found out.

Thomasville's local homeless shelter for men and women is in need of help.

After providing a safe place for those in need to get a good night's sleep, food, shower, and a place to wash clothes, the shelter is asking for more to be done by commissioners.

On average the shelter sees 7 to 10 visitors a night.

I spoke with the President, Nathaniel Tyler, and he says in 2022 they saw about 150 to 200 people walk through their doors.

Now, that number has risen to 300.

So, what exactly would the funds go towards?

I asked and Tyler, he says it would help with things like food, utilities, and paying staff who works overnight.

Tyler says despite popular beliefs homelessness is a real issue in the Rose City.

"Homeless doesn't always mean that you're out on the street. You could be staying with family members, staying in your car. So, the definition has a wider meaning than folks that are just totally destitute," said Tyler.

As for now, the Thomas County Commissioners are deliberating on the request and will give an answer at a later date.