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SEE NOW: Neighbors come out to learn about the importance of Tallahassee history

Posted at 7:14 PM, Mar 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-23 19:14:33-04
  • This was the third annual Tallahassee History festival.
  • Neighbors here say that it's important that people learn about Florida's history, and should preserve it for future generations
  • Watch the video above to hear from school leaders and neighbors about how important it is to learn about Florida's history.


Showcasing Florida's rich history in one spot.

I'm Terry Gilliam in the downtown neighborhood.

I look at the importance of understanding Florida's history and the new things Tallahassee neighbors are learning.

"It's absolutely necessary, and it's a lot of work but a lot of fun."

Betty Ashler has lived in Tallahassee since the late 60's… she tells me about her history and the history she learned on Saturday.

"Our professional careers begin to blend away and we became interested in history and the history of the area."

History is what brought Ashler to the Kleman Plaza in Downtown Tallahassee.

Saturday, TCC hosted the third annual Tallahassee History Festival. the event featured exhibits, reenactments, and activities showcasing Florida's rich history.

Why was it important? To preserve the history, and teach it to generations to come.

"We want to teach history to our young people and get it into perspective, so maybe there's less angst in our nation."

Getting things into perspective is what the Tallahassee History Festival was all about.

I talked to Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at TCC, Anthony Jones, how the festival reaches that goal.

Jones says "There's a lot of rich history right here in our own back yard that they can learn about… events like this; one of the purposes that we have it, is to not only educate the community, but also to educate our K-12 community."

Educating the community and at the same time learning a thing or two on your own.

"Every time I come out; I always learn a little bit more. I just learned something new this morning!"

Learning new things about history, something neighbors like Ashler are glad to participate in.

"It's hard not to enjoy it. Your history just drips from your fingernails practically," she told us.

Neighbors here say that it's important that people learn about Florida's history, and should preserve it for future generations… In Downtown Tallahassee, Terry Gilliam ABC27.