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Rip currents can impact the Wakulla County Coast; how you can stay safe

Posted at 5:11 PM, Jun 25, 2024
  • Rip currents can happen on any beach, and it's important to know how to spot them.
  • Neighbors in Shell Point are staying aware so they can stay safe.
  • Watch the video to know how you can keep yourself and loved ones aware of the risks.


“I’ve recently become more aware.” Robert Strauss lived in Maryland and says he saw rip currents all the time, but after moving to Shell Point a few years ago he has yet to see them here. “We really don’t have waves at all, sometimes ripples unless there’s a bad storm.”

Despite not seeing any yet, he thinks it’s important to be aware. Daniel Barnickel with Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue say that many people underestimate the power of these currents.

“A lot of people will get into these situations and be surprised by them and we’ll just say rip currents are really strong if your caught in one and you try to swim straight in you’re not gonna be able to.”

Here’s how you can identify a rip current to avoid getting caught in one.

The National Weather Service says identifying features are darker narrow gaps of water heading offshore between areas and breaking waves and whitewater. It’s important to look for gaps in the lines of breaking waves.

“Most of our rip current rescues happen outside of the guarded areas because we’re not there to prevent it from happening.”

Many beaches on the Wakulla County Coast don’t have lifeguards on duty so it’s important to be aware while enjoying the water. “Everyone would be better off in the water if they knew how to deal with rip currents.”

Spread the word about rip currents, it could save a life