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HEARING DATE SET: Quincy City Commissioners investigating why former QPD Chief was terminated

Posted at 6:21 PM, Nov 29, 2023
  • Commissioners are having a hearing on QPD Chief termination on December 7th.
  • Former Chief Timothy Ashley was terminated October 31st.
  • See video to find out what's next.


City commissioners are working to get to the bottom of an issue we've been tracking for nearly a month now. Why was the former Quincy police chief Timothy Ashley fired?

Quincy's Commissioners made the decision Tuesday night to have a hearing.

The hearing will give City Manager, Robert Nixon, the opportunity to prove why terminating the former chief was necessary.

"Our commissioners by charter have the opportunity by charter to make an inquiry into anything that is of public interest and of course a transition of a police chief is significant given that public safety is important."

This hearing will also give the former chief the chance prove why he should not have been terminated.

He was sent a termination letter on October 31.

In the termination letter, Nixon highlights that Ashley was not maintaining a functional work environment and he was also unable to manage financial resources to ensure operational effectiveness and productivity.

Two weeks later, Ashley told commissioners that quote " he did not know why he was fired." And that Nixon's points were "vague". He also said his termination was unjust.

I spoke with Quincy City Attorney Gary Roberts. He says Under 215 in the city of Quincy's charter, the City commission may investigate.

"The commission may make investigations into the affairs of the city and conduct of any city department."

At the city commission meeting November 20th commissioners said that they did not get any reasoning as to why the former chief was fired. That's when, they voted on an investigation.

Despite Chief Ashley getting terminated, this does not mean he will be reinstated. Under the city charter, commissioners are not allowed to be involved with day-to-day activities.

The only person who can give Ashley his job back is Nixon.

"It's an investigation and it's going to be led by our Mayor. She's the presiding officer, and the commissioners get to question."

Nixon says he terminated Ashley, because it was what was best for the citizens of Quincy. He also tells me he has proof to back up his reasoning.

"I am the city manager, I do have certain authorities but I also have the responsibility to ensure that we have transparency, and accountability. And I will do that to the fullest.. even for myself."

The hearing will be on December 7th at 6 p.m at Quincy City Hall. I ran into former chief Ashley at Tuesday night's meeting and asked for his comment. He told me that he will speak to his attorney about giving his comment. I will let you know when I hear back.