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Reverend Al Sharpton makes appearance in Tallahassee

Posted at 8:27 PM, Oct 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-29 20:28:00-04
  • Reverend Al Sharpton made a guest appearance to Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.
  • A press conference followed after the service and leaders voiced their concerns in the community.
  • Watch the video above to see the reaction from leaders and members of the church.


“I was so happy to be part of the service with Reverend Holmes as he honored people that have been beacons of light in a dark environment.”

Reverend al Sharpton came to Bethel Missionary Baptist Church…

To preach, help recognize pillars in the community, and to highlight the importance of defending civil rights.

“I think the governor should withdraw his banning of books; he should withdraw his notion that we need to edit the education that goes on in state schools…”

Sharpton is referring to some new Florida laws DeSantis championed.

On, the “Parental Rights in Education” bill, also called “Don’t Say Gay” by opponents…allows anyone to challenge any book in school libraries…

Desantis also signed off on what he called the “stop woke act,” which bans any subject that could make a person feel guilt or anguish over actions committed in the past…

It’s a law that some say makes accurate teaching of black history in the u-s challenging.

Tallahassee NAACP President Mutaqee Akbar, attorney Ben Crump, Mayor John Dailey, and many others attended Sharpton's sermon.

“This is not a sprint; this is a marathon.”

Pastor R.B. Holmes also spoke moments after the service…

“We cannot stand quietly while this governor turns this sunshine state in a dark state.”

While Sunday was an opportunity to voice concerns in the community…

It was also a chance to honor those…organizers say are committed to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in Florida.

“These people were honored because they could’ve submitted to the darkness… they chose to be lights. That’s why Bethel and Reverend Holmes honored them today and I was honored to a part of that honoring.”