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"It’s wide open" - Shell Point neighbors take drain concerns into their own hands

Posted at 5:28 PM, May 29, 2024
  • Neighbors in Shell Point are concerned about a drain near the road they believe could be hazardous.
  • They put caution tape around the area to alert other neighbors.
  • Watch the video to see why they think it is dangerous to the community.


“There’s no protection in front of the culvert over here that would prevent anybody from going in there and you can see right here it’s wide open."

Kevin Grenier and his wife noticed the area when they moved to Shell Point a few years ago.

After reaching out to the county and not seeing any progress, they put up tape to alert neighbors.

“You can see that we put caution tape around the perimeter of the area which we feel is an attractive nuisance and hopefully it will alert people there’s an issue here.”

The area sits at the corner of Walker Creek Dr and Shell Point Road-- a busy area in the neighborhood.

“We have people on golf carts, kids on bicycles and people walking their dogs. We also have elderly people here. I think it’s all a concern.”

Grenier says their biggest concern is someone getting injured, like we’ve seen in other areas.

“One of our concerns is if a child or an animal fall in here what would be the end result of something like that.”

I reached out to the county Tuesday asking if anything will be done to prevent a hazard in the area and the Wakulla County Administration responded in an email that says, “we strongly advise the public to exercise caution when walking near or around ditches and culverts.”

A Shell Point neighbor who prefers to stay anonymous told me they’re worried about children playing in the area.

Grenier says something needs to be done, which is why they marked the area.

“To tell somebody to be careful or whatever doesn’t work.”