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"I am better now that you are here" - Tallahassee area leaders deliver meals to seniors

Posted at 5:33 PM, May 30, 2024
  • Thirty-five area leaders went to 85 homes across our neighborhoods to bring them hot meals through the Big Wheels Deliver Meals initiative.
  • Elder Care Services helps 1,000 food insecure neighbors each day.
  • Watch the video to hear what those neighbors had to say to local leaders:


Hot, nutritious meals hand delivered with a smile for more than 500 senior neighbors across Tallahassee.

Southeast Tallahassee was one of the neighborhoods area leaders visited as a part of the Big Wheels Deliver Meals Initiative.

I followed them through neighborhoods as they knocked on doors to help.

Thirty-five area leaders and public servants like Andy Janecek with the Leon County Property Appraiser's Office hit the streets to talk to neighbors.

"Today is about getting elected officials out there so they can see more about what's going on and it's been very impactful for us today considering the recent tornadoes and the damage throughout the community," Janecek said.

They did that by delivering meals through Elder Care Service's Big Wheels Deliver Meals initiative.

Along with the regular Meals on Wheels program, Elder Care Services helps over 1,000 food insecure senior neighbors here in the Big Bend.

Something Janecek said neighbors are grateful for.

"I spoke to a gentleman, we delivered a meal. I asked him how he was doing and he said 'I'm doing better now that I see that you're here,'" Janecek said.

Director of Elder Care Services Jocelyn Fliger said those conversations are important.

"Meals on wheels is not just a hot meal. It's also a very critical safety check in for those people," Fliger said.

She said this work is important every day, but can be critical during times of recovery from storms like the recent Tallahassee tornadoes.

"After a big storm, a tornado, a hurricane, our meals on wheels volunteers are often the first ones making contact with our seniors clients," Fliger said. "They are able to assess what is the state of the home, does the client need anything else?"

Janecek said both of the missions of the initiative are important for the senior community.

"For some of these senior citizens or elders, we might be the only people we see today," Janecek said. "Not only are we providing them that nourishment, we're also taking a moment to talk to them, smile, really engage and let them know we care about them."

While Thursday was the day for area leaders to come out, you can also help seniors in need.

Elder Care Services is always looking for volunteers to deliver meals to those seniors each weekday to ensure they are staying healthy. Click here to sign up.