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More people are moving to Gadsden County, the reason may surprise you

The median sale price for a home in Gadsden County as of 2023 is $250,000.
Posted at 3:29 PM, Nov 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-07 15:29:44-05
  • The median sale price for a home in Gadsden County as of 2023 is $250,000.
  • More people are working remote jobs that are not based where they live.
  • See the video above to meet a woman who does this.


A lot of people are moving to live in this area. Here's the catch: some don't even work here. I met a woman who told me why she chose Havana as her home away from work.

"I'm a paralegal in Miami."

Meet Kimberly Gray. She moved to Havana 2 years ago.

"I worked with them throughout in Seattle and here in Havana remotely."

Kimberly is not only a paralegal. After moving to Havana, she got her real estate license and is now a realtor at Kellum Realty.

My question for Kimberly was: why Havana compared to Miami? Well, the numbers say it all.

On Market Statistics, I found the median sale price for a home in Gadsden County as of this year is $250,000. In Miami-Dade County, according to Florida Associations of Realtor Sun-stats is $600,000

"I love Miami; my family is there. My daughter is there, and my grandchildren are there. But Havana is a different start; it's quiet. The people I meet here are nice.

The median home sale price in Florida as of September 2023 is $409,243. In Gadsden County, it's way less.

I asked Betty Kellum about that number who's a broker at Kellum Realty.

"People have an opportunity to come here and buy a home for $250,000 median price point where as in Tallahassee on the Northeast side it's close to the national average which is $409,000."

Betty says people are not only moving here but are working remote jobs that are not based in Havana or Gadsden County. Examples range from the Big Bend and South Florida.

She says prices in Tallahassee and in other cities are becoming unaffordable for some.

"People can afford a $250,000 house than can afford a $400,000 house. I see a lot of first-time home buyers and people who haven't sold their houses yet, or they haven't had a house to sell, moving and trying to move to areas. So, they are being forced to go out to more remote areas.

With these prices, people like Kimberly are saving money while also enjoying the peace and quiet that Havana has to offer.

"I feel like my husband, and I would do well here."