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Gretna neighbor has been missing since June 1st; family, neighbors and police still searching

Hughes was last seen walking along railroad track in Gretna.
Posted at 3:47 PM, Jun 25, 2024
  • Otha Hughes was last seen walking along railroad track in Gretna.
  • Gretna Police and Gadsden County Sheriff's Office are working together on search efforts.
  • Watch the video to hear the family's message to neighbors and Hughes.

Otha Hughes shown on your screen has been missing since June 1ST. I’m Ashley Engle in the Gretna Neighborhood where neighbors are continuing to search to bring Hughes home. I sat down with the family to find out what they’re doing next.

“Lost, it gets you. It’s just hard not knowing… not knowing where he is or if anything has happened to him.”

The pain, of the unknown of a loved one.

"It's just hard not knowing, not knowing!"

His sisters, Doris Rittman and Gail Street and his cousin harry cloud, want their Otha Hughes home.

“I haven’t seen him this month, usually he comes once or twice a month.”

Gretna Police Chief Brian Alexander says Hughes hung out around town with other neighbors.

“What have you guys been doing to bring Mr. Hughes back home?”

“We searched of course the residence that he lived in, we’ve had neighborhood searches going on. We did a press release, once getting the official note that he was missing for anyone who have last seen him.”

Family and police say Hughes was last seen walking alongside these railroad tracks. They say he walked to many neighborhoods in Gadsden County.

“Were going to continue to push and put forth our efforts to find him.”

Chief says he’s been working with the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office on search efforts and spreading the word to get him home safely.

“Please come home to us, that’s our message to him.”

Gretna Police and the family urges neighbors if you see something, say something. Contact Gretna Police (850) 856- 5257 with any tips to help find Hughes.