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Gadsden County Head Start works to improve Gadsden County's overall grades

Posted at 5:23 PM, Feb 12, 2024
  • Gadsden County Head Start will have registration open from March 26th to March 28th.
  • Head start programs provide a learning environment that support childrens growth in education.
  • View video to see how your child can get involved.


Success for a child’s learning starts at a young age and one program is designed to get them to that finish line quicker.

I'm Ashley Engle in midway where I hung out with some students who are a part of Gadsden County’s Head Start program. I spoke with a teacher here and she says, this can be helpful.

Reading, writing and some giggles that head start teacher Jerlin Landrum knows are the key to success.

"Parents should enroll their children in our head start program to give them a head start so they can be well prepared."

Being prepared in areas such as language, literacy, social and emotional development are taught to students for them to be ready for future grade levels.

Head start programs provide a learning environment that support childrens growth in education.

"Early learners, some of the things i see them struggle with is basic phonic skills."

I checked the Florida Department of Education. In 2022-2023 state testing, when it comes to reading and language arts, 28 percent of students in Gadsden County are at grade level or above, and that's 14 percentage points more than what they scored in the beginning of the school year.

"Our main goal is to ensure that we are equipping our kids in head start Gadsden County. Equipping them with what is needed for them to be successful."

Shannon Peat Brown, the family service coordinator for Gadsden County Head Start says this can benefit young kids as they enter K-12.

She says this could improve the county's overall performance in the classroom and beyond.

"And have a successful career not just college but trade school, military. Whatever they want to do."

Lots of learning and lots of fun for young minds to be the future, of Gadsden County's learning success.

"Seeing at the end of the year like the way that they grow from august all the way up until May."

Gadsden County Head Start will be having registration from March 26th to 28th in Quincy. Your child must be 3 or 4 years old.