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Women-owned businesses thrive in Wakulla County despite inflation pressures

Posted at 7:30 PM, Nov 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-10 19:30:42-05
  • Multiple women have started new businesses in Wakulla County recently.
  • NerdWallet says inflation in the United Stated increased by 3.7 percent in September of this year compared to a year ago.
  • Watch the video to hear how multiple business owners are overcoming that challenge.


There are lots of female business owners in Wakulla County.

I'm Kenzie Krueger your neighborhood reporter in Crawfordville. Here's how they're navigating obstacles that come with owning a business

I asked some female business owners how they got started and overcame some challenges of running a business in a rural area.

"I wanted to stop most of the people that were coming from Wakulla having to go to Tallahassee to purchase their hair care needs."

Kay Rivers opened Klassichic Boutique last year. They say they're the only beauty supply store in Wakulla County and other surrounding rural areas.

Cost and demand can be a challenge that comes with owning a business. I asked Rivers if she's experienced any challenges with costs of supplies due to inflation.

"We have to purchase less products in order to offset the costs, but it has been a struggle."

Nerd wallet says Inflation in the United Stated increased by 3.7 percent in September of this year compared to a year ago.

I spoke to Lauren Holley. She owns Studio 88 where she helps empower girls through dance.

"Getting started is definitely difficult, so I'm so thankful that I've been able to be successful in Crawfordville to watch these girls grow."

With costs going up, it can also be challenging for consumers as well.

Holley tells me to help her dancers with the expenses that come with being in the dance world, they host events to raise money which all goes toward helping them pay for their dance fees.

"Hopefully that can relieve a lot of that financial strain that may be going on with them."

I spoke Courtney Davis. She owns Forward Wellness. After being in healthcare for 12 years she started her business to help give people in Crawfordville a pleasant healthcare experience.

"The reason why I did it was not just for me but for other women. We employ a lot of women here that are very motivated, and it's really important for our youth and our daughters."

When I asked Davis if inflation has impacted her, tells me she has also noticed rates increasing

"When my cost increase at home they also increase here in the clinic, and I can see that."

Davis says she works to keep her services affordable.

"I can see that as definitely a challenge I've been thankful and have had the privilege to not have to increase our prices yet, but I hope if we do that we will be accepted well because we have to."

Despite some challenges Rivers is proud of her business.

"It's a great feeling."

Despite the increasing costs, the businesses say they haven't had to change their prices and hopes it stays that way.