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Prom for senior citizens planned in Wakulla County; here's how you can help

4H is planning a 1950's themed prom
Posted at 5:16 PM, Nov 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-29 17:16:19-05
  • There's a new need for volunteers in Wakulla County.
  • 4H is planning an event for senior citizens in Wakulla County.
  • Watch the video to see when it'll be held and how you can help.


4H County Council members are planning a prom for senior citizens in Wakulla County.

"Our senior citizens have contributed so much to the community."

Rachel Pienta is the Wakulla County 4H program leader.

Each year 4H works on a service project.

This year they're working to give back to senior citizens in the county.

"This is a really small but potentially impactful way to give back to them."

It's an event that goes beyond dancing.

I checked with the U.S. Census.

As of 2022, 16.7 percent of Wakulla County was 65 years or older.

Research from The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences says that staying connected with others and social activities help prevent risk of adverse health issues, especially among seniors.

The prom planned for February is designed to fill that need.

"I'm really excited for it."

Vanessa Elderkin is the president of 4H youth Council.

She tells me she and her peers have been working hard to organize the event.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the happy faces and to see how the community brings everything together."

The seniors aren't the only ones who will benefit.

The youth involved in 4H learn project planning from start to finish.

They learn how to do budgeting, public speaking, and event planning.

Pienta says that helps these young people in the long run.

"4H is one of those places that really sets you apart from other people in the workforce and gives you that leg up for success."

While the special event is still months away, organizers tell me they're looking for donations and volunteers right now.

They need help with transportation to and from the prom, catering and help with set up.

Pienta says it's all about bringing neighbors together for good.

"And to create some fun and excitement and just bring joy into the lives of people who have given so much to our county."

The prom is a 1950s diner theme! It's scheduled for Valentine's Day!