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HOW TO HELP: Wakulla County working to give children without beds a place to sleep

Sleep in Heavenly Peace and multiple groups in Wakulla are building beds
Posted at 6:26 PM, Nov 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-03 13:57:21-04
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace and multiple groups in Wakulla are building beds for kids in need in Wakulla County
  • They're having an event on December 2nd where they'll build and deliver the beds to kids in the county at the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office
  • About 30 applications have been filled out for beds so far in Wakulla County

Broadcast Transcript:

Lack of a good night sleep can be harmful to a child--

in fact, nationwide, 2 to 3 percent of children don't have a bed.

That's according to a national organization aiming to get this number to zero.

"We don't want any kid to sleep on the floor."

With some determination and help from the community--

groups are banding together for a common goal--

to make sure every child in Wakulla county have a bed of their own.

Wakulla county and Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a non profit organization that helps build and deliver beds to kids in need will be working to help kids in Wakulla County who don't have beds.

They're having a special event on December 2nd where they'll build and deliver the beds to kids in the county.

The Wakulla County Sheriffs Office, Wakulla Realtors Association, The Rotary Club and more will be apart of the help.

"The families that you're delivering these beds to are enormously grateful."

Steve Sanabria is Sargent of Arms for Wakulla Rotary Club. He went to one of the builds in Tallahassee and now is helping bring it to Wakulla County.

"The outcome for our youth in Wakulla County will be dramatically affected by having them not sleep on the floor."

He says there's many reasons we should care about kids having beds to sleep in.

"You cannot perform at a high level if you are not getting a good nights sleep and sleeping on the floor is not the solution no kid should have to sleep on the floor in 2023 in a society like we live in Wakulla County.

According to Sleep in Heavenly peace, poor sleep can lead to hyperactivity issues in children as young as five.

That's why every helping hand counts--with volunteers and donations.

"We're paying for all these mattresses unless we get donations you know donated beds that means I don't have to go buy I can buy more lumber and more mattresses with the same amount of money."

John Cousins is the Chapter President of Sleep in Heavenly Peace he tells me all of the materials like bedding and mattresses are all brand new and high quality, so they can be kept for a long time.

"When they have a place to sleep they do better in school they'll eat better and they have a place of their own many kids they're sitting on a couch it sitting on a futon or something that's it! Now they have a place of their own."

Cousins tells me there is a growing need for kids getting beds in Wakulla County and neighboring areas and urges people to help if they can.

"Go help these folks if you live in Wakulla contact the Sheriffs Office, contact the Rotary and say I wanna help deliver these beds."

If you know a child that needs a bed, go or are interested in helping you can go to the website below for more information.

FL-Tallahassee - Sleep in Heavenly Peace