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Crawfordville neighbors voice concerns about internet connection; see what options are available

People in Crawfordville looking for internet solutions
Posted at 6:41 PM, Oct 23, 2023
  • People in Crawfordville are looking for solutions for internet issues in the county.
  • I spoke with two residents who are hoping for better service.
  • In the video above, they tell me they don't have good service where they live.


Some people in Crawfordville tell me the available internet providers don't offer them affordable or reliable solutions.

I found this map from the Federal Communications Commission.

It shows where people may have trouble finding fast, reliable connections.

SOT: "I'm not sure why nobody seems to know we've only been able to get Centurylink out here."

Jennifer Baker's home isn't far from downtown Crawfordville.

Baker tells me internet issues have made it hard for her to do her job, which is fully remote.

SOT: "For me I have to have it, it's a necessity."

She's a Century Link Customer.

I reached out to Century-link twice about the issue over the last week.

I have not heard back.

I spoke with another person who lives nearby who is dealing with the same issues as Baker.

Adam Hill has has lived in Wakulla for over a two decades.

"Crawfordville as soon as we moved in the fastest they could get us was guarantee of 5 megabits download and a half a megabit upload which is basically not a lot"

Hill is an IT tech who works from home.

He tells me his only choice was to switch to Starlink and pay more in order to work.

That's internet provided by satellites in space.

"But that's a pretty expensive service. It's a good thing that I'm able to make enough money to take care of that."

As neighbors deal with internet companies, I wanted to know what Wakulla County is doing to help.

A county spokesperson sent met a statement saying quote:

"Wakulla County is bridging the digital divide by offering free Wi-Fi at our County-owned parks, facilities, and at the Public Library. Offering this connectivity opens our community to endless opportunities, fostering education and empowering every resident."

While that may help some, people like Baker say they hope more options will open up soon.

"Abusrd, I shouldn't have to do that."

Tag: I'll continue to reach out to providers and follow up when I hear an update.