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FSU players sign autographs, fans talk Travis injury

Posted at 8:55 PM, Nov 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-19 20:55:24-05
  • Fans lined up Sunday at CVS for FSU autograph signings with Keon Coleman and Trey Benson.
  • Jordan Travis was absent from the event after getting injured in Saturday night's game.
  • Watch the video above to see reaction from fans and Head Coach Mike Norvell surrounding Travis' injury.


In the College town neighborhood Florida State football fans came together for an autograph signing with some of the teams’ star players.

The event put on by CVS and Nole student athletes was meant also as an opportunity for them to talk about the importance of taking control of your health.

Keon Coleman and Trey Benson were there - but the event was missing quarterback Jordan Travis who was hurt during the Noles game against North Alabama Saturday night.

I talked to fans who are still shocked about the injury.

“I shed a tear most definitely when I saw “J Trav” go down. Especially Jameis Winston being there and it being senior night; it definitely was an emotional moment for all Florida state fans.

Saturday night we also heard from an emotional coach Mike Norvell.

He talked about the injury, saying he wanted so much for Travis' last night inside Doak.

"We wanted to see him have a special experience. Anytime someone gets hurt, it hurts. It's painful to see ... it's painful to have to go through... We won't so bad for that kid who does everything right."

Sunday morning Travis posted a video on his Instagram stories saying he is doing good and feeling God ... saying he is going to follow god's plan ...That god has a journey, and he is going to trust him every step of the way. He also thanked fans for their support.