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Closer Look: What Doak Campbell Stadium renovation means for season ticket holders

Beginning in 2025, FSU football season tickets will increase in price
Inside look: What Doak Campbell Stadium renovation means for season ticket holders
Posted at 6:50 PM, Nov 03, 2023
  • The $265 million renovations to Doak Campbell Stadium mean FSU season ticket holders will see significant price increases for their tickets
  • One fan says their tickets will come with a capital gift donation requirement of $10,000 per seat. The one time donation can be paid over a 3 year period.
  • Seminole Boosters are meeting with season ticket holders to discuss price changes.
  • Watch now to hear why one family says they might be priced out of their season tickets.


Even if you are not a Florida State Football fan - you've probably heard about that changes coming to Doak Campbell stadium.

I'm Alberto Camargo in Collegetown.

Digging into those conversations about a ticket price bump that could bump some fans out of their seats.

So, here's what we've known for some time now.

The renovation project to Doak Campbell Stadium will cost $265 million.

To help pay for this, Seminole Boosters is asking for a capital gift of up to $10,000 for each season ticket renewal.

FSU student Dillon Johnson says his family has had season tickets since…

"Before I was born. My first memories are of Doak."

He says his family is concerned with being priced out of their current seats.

"I think they want to move back to bleachers, so they don't have to pay as much."

Season ticket holders like the Johnson's have three options.

1. Decide not to renew seats.

2. They can find less desirable seats at the same price, the option Dillon says his parents are considering.

3. Renew their current seats, and possibly shell out a capital gift. That can be paid out over 3 years. 

One fan I spoke with has two seats in the fifth row on the west side.

She currently pays under $2000 for both.

To continue there in 2025, she'd have to pay $3200 for each, on top of a $10,000 capital gift for each seat as well.

Seminole Boosters say they plan to meet with each season ticket holder individually to discuss those changes.

According to an email sent on October 31, the organization has met with about one-third of the over 30,000 ticket holders.

In a statement provided to ABC27, Seminole Boosters says every current season ticket holder will get the chance to renew for 2025, but are not guaranteed their same location or number of tickets past 2024.

Addressing the price concerns, Seminole Boosters says it will work with those wishing to stay at their current booster level to find seats elsewhere.

Construction is expected to start on the project after FSU's final home game against North Alabama on November 18. In Collegetown, I'm Alberto Camargo, ABC27.