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Bainbridge pilots take to the skies to help vulnerable animals; see how far they'll go

In 2023 Bainbridge Humane Society had 260 pets up for rescue
Posted at 4:34 PM, Oct 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-25 16:34:35-04
  • According to the Bainbridge Humane Society, 260 animals needed to be transported to different areas in 2023.
  • Area pilots have stepped up to travel throughout the southeast to transport needy animals in Bainbridge.
  • Watch the story above to see whats fueling these pilots to care for a voiceless population on their own dime.


Pilots are spreading their wings in an effort to save a voiceless population.

"I love them. They're innocent. They're vulnerable. They need a voice especially to step up for them,” said Cathy Ellsworth, rescue transport coordinator for the Bainbridge Humane Society.

The Bainbridge Humane Society has been coordinating with other non-profit pilot programs like Pilots N' Paws to rescue animals for the past twenty years thanks to the help of Ellsworth.

These pilots have agreed to sacrifice their time to carry needy animals all around the country on their own dime.

Whether an animal needs emergent care or is preparing to be welcomed into a new home, pilots have flown from Bainbridge to Texas to help vulnerable animals.

"I have now accumulated a lovely list of many pilots. I can text them and say I need this dog to go here and they usually step up,” said Ellsworth.

I met up with one of those volunteer pilots, Tracie Crawshaw who says Bainbridge is where she received her first request eight years ago to save a pup in need. She's continued to help out in Bainbridge due to the number of transports needed.

The retired Navy veteran ultimately created her own non-profit, Snouts and Snuggles Shuttle. She, alone, has transported hundreds of animals in need of veterinary needs, adoption, or rescue.

"Bainbridge is a very small facility. They don't get a lot of foot traffic, but they have a lot of stray dogs,” said Crawshaw

She said Bainbridge transports travel all around the south east.

In 2023 the Bainbridge Humane Society had 260 pets up for rescue.

Crawshaw said when it comes to helping pets, skis are the limit.

"Animals are the only creatures that really can't tell you everything they've been through. My passion comes from helping those that can't speak for themselves,” said Crawshaw.

Both Ellsworth and Crawshaw said that there are some stigmas that prevent pet parents from properly caring for their animals.

Bainbridge Humane Society offers resources to educate people on fencing, neutering and other safety needs for pets.

"They are all about trying to educate the community about spaying and neutering… getting your animal vaccinated or assisting if they need help with food,” according to Ellsworth.

The Bainbridge Humane Society is expected to have a new location on Zorn Street in March of 2024.

Those looking for resources for their pet's care should reach out to Bainbridge.