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Flint River Fair brings thousands of dollars to the community; see who that money helps most

Bainbridge Decatur County Chamber of Commerce is currently hosting it's annual Flint River Fair
Posted at 6:23 PM, Oct 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-05 18:23:54-04
  • The fair helps the local chamber fund leadership classes, the bearcat program and other community events throughout the year.
  • Wednesday night a projected 1,500 people attended the fair.
  • Downtown expected to get more visitors this upcoming weekend as a result of the fair.


It's that special time a year again just ahead of the holidays. Flint River Fair is in full swing bringing in about 1,500 people from different Georgia counties and out-of-state visitors… In just one night.

The first week of October marks the Bainbridge Decatur County Chamber of Commerces biggest fundraising event better known as Flint River Fair. 

I spoke to chamber president Karen Tobin who said last year’s fair brought in an estimated $40,000. Those funds help the chamber support the community through workforce and business development.

The chamber's Bearcat program helps high school students interested in going into the manufacturing industry.

“Going into our manufacturing and industry jobs which are so prevalent here in Bainbridge right now,” said Tobin. “We have so many industries that are coming in looking for hirees so we get to more or less mold them.”

 I asked a business owner how they're feeling about the extra foot traffic.

" I love it the more the merrier,” said owner of Sharon’s House Antiques, Sharon Jeter.

Jeter has been running the local antique shop in the downtown Bainbridge area for 24 years.

 She said she welcomes the visitors who are likely 

"I think it's going to bring a lot of people into Bainbridge that haven't been before,” according to Jeter. “Most people that come to Bainbridge that haven't been before are really impressed with the downtown."

The Bainbridge Decatur County Chamber of commerce hosts the five day event each year.

Tobin said the fair goes beyond live music and elaborate rides as it helps fundraise community driver events sponsored by the chamber.

"The chamber couldn't run without it. We are so appreciative of the community that comes out to the fair,” said Tobin.

Jeter says the influx of visitors may not have antique shopping top of mind but she's glad to see fellow business owners benefit.

"Everybody has to do good. It's not good if we all don't do well, said Jeter.

Tobin said the Flint River Fair has something for everyone and families are invited to enjoy kids events hosted this Saturday starting at noon.

Gates open at 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday nights.

The fair will run from noon to midnight Saturday.