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TallyFest 2024 gives neighbors a break from storm recovery; celebrates city's bicentennial

The community celebration took place in Cascades Park
Posted at 7:46 PM, Jun 01, 2024
  • Hundreds of neighbors took a break from storm recovery to attend TallyFest 2024 in Cascades Park Saturday.
  • The community event celebrates the city's bicentennial.
  • Watch the video to hear from people who attended and see what the celebration is all about.


Taking a breather from devastation

"Since the tornado it's just kind of been a little bit hard to kind of just be back into the community"

I'm Kenya Cardonne, your neighborhood reporter in Southeast Tallahassee whereTallyFest 2024brought out hundreds from the community for a fun-filled festival as we try to move forward from storm damage.

Lisa Williams, Nese's Sweet Tooth Bakery - "I think people are excited to be out and having a good time despite the rain."

Vendor Lisa Williams is right; a little rain was not going to stop the community from indulging in delicious eats, good music and shopping at Cascades Park Saturday.

Veronica White, Attendee - "It's definitely rebuilding what we just went through."

Talk about perfect timing! More than three weeks after tornadoes hit the city, recovery efforts are still heavily in effect.

White - "I think that that was a really tough time for all of us and a lot of us were really unmotivated especially just to kind of get back to the new normal."

It's why these neighbors and vendors tell me Tallyfest was a break the community was in desperate need of.

Williams - "People are excited to be out and kind of get away from that and think about something else and just have fun today."

White - "I think this allows people to kind of just feel like this is Tallahassee, like this is the home that we kind of had before."

With more than 130 vendors here, this year's Tally Fest was extra special as the community celebrates Tallahassee's Bicentennial.