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Road work continues on Crawfordville Hwy; see where the project stands now

Posted at 7:58 PM, May 21, 2024
  • Neighbors in Wakulla County are wondering when the Crawfordville road project will be complete.
  • FDOT gave me some updates.
  • Watch the video to find out about the status of the project


Neighbors in Wakulla County are wondering when the Crawfordville road project will be complete.

I’m Kenzie Krueger in Crawfordville and I’m checking in to see how the project is moving along.

“I’m super excited to get it done it will help things move a lot better.”

Cobb Adams works at Southern Storage Solutions right next to the roadwork on Crawfordville highway and they’ve noticed it.

“Yeah the roads have definitely impacted us, being a commission salesman, you depend on the the sales, your family depends on those sales, your bills depend on those sales and we want to get those sales out to folks. The roadway has definitely hindered that with the construction.”

During Monday night’s Wakulla County Commission meeting, a representative from FDOT updated county leaders on the project.

When commissioners asked when the Bloxham 319 light to be moved back to its regular spot, they could not give an exact time frame.

“What he’s trying to tell you sir is we don’t know that’s the correct answer.”

When asking about the rest of the project, They said the contractor, Anderson Columbia is waiting for an electrical cabinet for the signal at Whidden Road to arrive. They predict they’ll have it on September 1st.

When I reached out to FDOT on Tuesday to confirm this information, they told me the contractor, Anderson Columbia, is waiting for the cabinet for the signal at Whidden Road with an estimated arrival on

FDOT has agreed to grant them 60 days for the work so if the cabinet comes on September 1, the contractor has around the first week of November to complete the installation, plus days for inclement weather.

The liquidated damages on the project are around $10,000 per day if the work is not complete.

While everything gets sorted out, salesman like Adams who rely on people coming to into their business, are hopeful roads will be back to normal soon.

“I’m really hopeful this project can keep moving forward and get this thing done, hopefully before the end of the year.”

FDOT told me there are no lane closures are scheduled, but the speed limit on SR 267 approaching and through the intersection has been reduced from 35 MPH to 25 MPH. In Crawfordville I’m Kenzie Krueger with ABC27.