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New and improved recreational facilities could be coming to Wakulla County

Wakulla County held a workshop Monday to discuss possible plans
Posted at 11:44 AM, Dec 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-12 11:44:37-05
  • Wakulla County held a workshop Monday to discuss possible plans for future recreational facilities
  • I spoke to people who live here to get their thoughts
  • Watch the video to hear what neighbors said

Broadcast Transcript:

I couldn't tell you how thrilled I am."

Betsy Rudden has lived in Wakulla County for six years.

Although she's happy about future plans for new recreational facilities, she tells me...

"Development is happening very swiftly here and if it's not done with intention with a vision of the long view instead of grabbing a quick buck and there's a great influx of money coming into this community now you can make mistakes that you're gonna regret."

Wakulla County leaders are looking ahead when it comes to recreation in the area.

Several trails, parks, and plans for beaches are in the works.

Ranging all from additions to existing places to new facilities.

Monday's workshop was planned to figure out the next steps when it comes to those projects and get input from the community.

Joe Deluca lives near Mashes Sands Beach.

"Skate parks, boat ramps whatever that's fine but our beach is environmentally dangerous now for people."

Mashes Sands beach is one of the areas included in the plans.

Leaders are considering enhancements for the area.

They include an overflow area for boat ramp, rebuilding the fishing pier, an ADA accessible path, beach re-nourishment, improvements to canoe and kayak launch and additional education signage ( use graphic)

But Deluca hopes more will be done to repair the damage the beach faced after Hurricane Micheal.

"I'm being optimistic about it I'm hoping that you know this is the beginning of the replenishment of our beach and bring it back to where it was."

Neighbors like Rudden say participating in decisions like these are vital to benefiting the place they call home.

"We need to participate if we want to help protect what's special about being here."

If you're interested in seeing the county's goals for future recreational facilities CLICK HERE