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A policy change could increase costs for some youth sports in Wakulla County

Posted at 7:02 PM, Feb 02, 2024
  • Some parents in Wakulla County have concerns about a policy change that could increase costs for some sports.
  • Wakulla county school board members approved a change last month that would charge groups for using school athletic fields.
  • Watch the video to see what these changes could mean for some youth sports.

Broadcast Transcript:

Casey Grove, has a child that plays soccer with the non profit, Wakulla United Futbol Club for youth.

They've been using the school's fields free prior to this.

Now, A policy change will change that.

Wakulla County School B

oard members approved a change last month that would charge groups for using school athletic fields.

To rent the high school field it’s $50 per hour

For Middle School fields it’s $35 per hour

And Elementary Field’s are $30.

Grove worries that this could make it harder for some athletes to stay involved with the sport.

“It’s there school students that is affecting.” I’m not sure why they decided to start changing it if they can lower the fees or take the fees away again it would be more beneficial to the students in the county itself.”

I've been working to find out the reason for the change since Monday when I reached out to the school board.

I've called and emailed the district and haven't received a statement.

Grove says this is a concern for young athletes who may not be able to afford the costs.

“We can get sponsorships from different community businesses and things like that to help out some of those students, but we can only get so much in from some of those businesses and when we have the upper fees it makes it even harder, for the ones that can’t afford the lower fees.“

They practice on Mondays and Thursdays each week.

Grove says now they use the Medart Rec park for $25 each practice, but space is limited. They’re hoping for a more permanent space where they can play.

“Right now at the rec park, there’s baseball football and those are the fields that we have. There’s not really a dedicated soccer field but if we had a facility that had volleyball or soccer, I think it would benefit all of the students and kids in the county.”

Wakulla County School Board will hold their next meeting at 5:45 P.M. on Feb 20th.