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A new technology just came to Wakulla County, that could help improve public safety

The part of Wakulla County's new public radio communication system was delivered today
Posted at 6:38 PM, Dec 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-07 18:38:38-05
  • Wakulla County is working to improve their public safety by getting a new public radio communication system
  • The first part of the equipment was just delivered
  • Watch the video to find out what this new equipment will do

Broadcast Transcript:

Thursday morning, law enforcement and many others from the community helped this 90 thousand pound concrete shelter make its way into Wakulla County.

This is the first of many steps that will go into getting a new communication system fully functioning.

That system is designed to help first responders during emergencies.

Joseph Humphries is the Communications Contract manager. He's been along for the process, calling it a milestone.

"This is huge, this is definitely a huge milestone that people can actually see this has been years of hard work and dedication to many people and this is actually the tangible component that people can actually see and actually see their hard work paying off."

After a long process he's looking forward to seeing the new system fully installed.

"This one of the major milestones and the start of this project do to speak it's the physical end of it we're done with all the paperwork and meetings and now we're actually getting into the physical work."

Something Andy Bowman, the Battalion Chief for Wakulla County Fire Rescue says means a lot to him and the other first responders in the county.

"People aren't gonna be in danger"

He's relieved communication during an emergency will be more reliable

"We'll be able to communicate back to dispatch and dispatch can hear us and it's gonna be a lot different."

The system will be fully installed December of next year.