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SEE HOW: A creative Skatepark Session helps community heal from tornado destruction

Posted at 11:10 PM, May 26, 2024
  • Dozens of creatives gathered for a Skatepark Session at FAMU Skatepark.
  • The event served as a physical and emotional break from recent tornado devastation.
  • Watch the video to hear from them about how these community engagements are helping neighbors heal from tragedy.


Taking a break from devastation.

Zjala Phelps, Artist - "It has been like this weight on us but I feel like as a community, we're pulling it together"

I'm neighborhood reporter Kenya Cardonne, in College Town, speaking with local creatives who are using their talents and the power of unity to heal from the tragedy May 10th tornadoes left behind.

Selena Gamboa, Founder and CEO of Underground Creatives - "The point of it all is to build camaraderie, community and creativity, all in the name of creativity!"

The vibes that Founder and CEO of Underground Creatives, Selena Gamboa, tells ABC 27 the community is in desperate need of amid stressful storm recovery.

Phelps - "I was out of power for three days, I was super upset."

Adonis Doxilli, Photographer - "I think this was like the worst thing that's happened to Tallahassee in a while."

Jhoan, Artist - "It's insane, insane.."

Dozens attended a Skatepark Session at the FAMU Skatepark Sunday.. all creatives who were looking to take a break from the chaos with the help of music, art and skating.

Dallas Aleea, Artist - "To see us all kind of come out of that for a day and like mingle with each other.. I think it's very beautiful."

Jhoan and St. Wallace, Artists - "In times of like crisis like that, it kind of creates things like this on the happier side."

Artists Jhoan and St. Wallace tell me gatherings like this help them look at the devastation in a positive light.

Jhoan and St. Wallace - "I hope we carry this into our lives when everything is fixed and when people are better.. it's just important to be able to have community just in general."

Organizers tell us Sunday's event was a prelude for their next Skatepark Session in late June. In College Town, Kenya Cardonne, ABC 27