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New FAMU men's basketball coach working in volunteer role as official contract delayed by trustees

The FAMU Board of Trustees wanted more clarity on compliance rules before approving contract
New FAMU men's basketball coach working in volunteer role as official contract delayed by trustees
Posted at 5:05 PM, Jun 24, 2024
  • FAMU men's basketball coach Patrick Crarey II has been working on a volunteer basis since being announced on April 17.
  • His three-year contract, set to begin July 1, has been delayed by FAMU trustees.
  • Watch now to find out the terms of Crarey's volunteer coach agreement and three-year contract.


Patrick Crarey II has been lined up as the next coach for Florida A&M men's basketball coach.

But today, we found out that he's been working under a volunteer employment agreement.

I'm your College Town neighborhood reporter, Alberto Camargo at FAMU.

I'm finding out why this is, and why his contract is still not official.

The FAMU Board of Trustees met Monday to approve the contract of new men's basketball coach Patrick Crarey II.

But the board voted to delay approving the contract for several reasons like salary, compliance and roster turnover.

Crarey's three-year deal was meant to start July 1 with a salary of $150,000.

Crarey was announced as FAMU's next men's basketball coach on April 17. Watch that video below:

FAMU introduces new men's basketball head coach Patrick Crarey II

FAMU athletic director Tiffani-Dawn Sykes says that in the months since, Crarey has been working as a volunteer coach.

Sykes says he's been on campus sparingly, not in a full-time role.

This led trustees to worry about violating NCAA and Title IX rules related to work Crarey has done as a volunteer coach.

"The gentleman that's in this role did not make all these decisions, right? I feel bad that we're having this deliberation this debate post him joining our team, but unfortunately we're stuck here because due process wasn't followed."

I submitted a public records request to FAMU to get a look at the volunteer coach agreement.

The agreement says Crarey could work up to 40 hours per week.

But it lists him as an occasional volunteer.

The terms of the deal are from April 15 to June 30.

"There are no NCAA rules that limit a coaches ability whether they are a volunteer employee or a compensated employee."

Now, Crarey's three-year contract is still not approved and his status remains a volunteer coach.

The trustees asked for clarity on their issues before signing off on Crarey's deal.

The Board of Trustees' next meeting isn't until August, but university president Dr. Larry Robinson said he will explore negotiating a one-year contract with Crarey, which he does not need board approval to do.

At FAMU, Alberto Camargo, ABC27.