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UPDATE: Family of woman accidentally trapped in a dumpster truck updates us on her condition

Why the woman was in the dumpster is still a mystery.
Posted at 6:07 PM, Jul 05, 2024
  • No authorities have gone on record to confirm any medical details following the tragic accident.
  • Why the woman was in the dumpster is still a mystery.
  • Watch the story to hear what a close family member has confirmed.


We are learning more about the woman that was rescued from a dumpster truck last month.

Neighborhood reporter AJ Douglas was able to speak to that woman's family to get an update on her condition. Hykima Gibson is the woman Bainbridge Public Safety has identified as the person they rescued from a dumpster truck.

She was rescued when employees from CJ's Package store along Shotwell Street waived down the driver after hearing Gibson's cries for help. As far as why she was in the dumpster, that is still a mystery.

Despite information claiming she was sleeping in the dumpster, Gibson’s family does not believe that is true. We reached out to Gibson's daughter, Jada Tucker who says she and her mother are not speaking about the accident at this time.

She clarified her mother was not, "sleeping or eating out of a dumpster."

There is no direct record of Gibson being homeless, but the police record connected to the bizarre incident does not list an address for Gibson. The incident led to changes on how trash is picked up by the city.

Going forward, if a sanitation truck driver approaches a dumpster with a closed lid, they will attempt to alert someone by either honking the horn or rattling the dumpster slightly.

Tucker said her mother she's fine, healthy and doing everything for herself again.