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The next generation of Bainbridge makes plans to secure local jobs

The Bainbridge community is making sure the high school seniors have opportunities right at their fingertips.
Posted at 4:52 PM, Apr 19, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-19 16:52:20-04
  • Leaders in Decatur County are working to keep the next generation of students home.
  • Watch the story to here how high school seniors are responding after hearing from local employers.


The Bainbridge community is making sure the high school seniors have opportunities right at their fingertips.

Now that graduation is less than a month away I'm talking to students at Bainbridge to learn what they have planned after graduation.

"After graduation I'm attending Georgia Southwestern State University. To major in business technology,” Antonio Porter, a Bainbridge High school senior.

I met Antonio Porter during Bainbridge high school's career fair where roughly 40 employers came out to reach students.

Porter told me events like this have him thinking about his back up plan.

"Honestly you never know what you're into at the right moment. So maybe if I go to college and see it's not for me I can always come back,” said Porter.

Previously I talked about the Bearcat Now program dedicated to students interested in going straight into the workforce.

The local Chamber of Commerce partners with people like assistant principal Sergeant Scott Morehouse from Bainbridge High School to offer job training and job placement opportunities.

Other students like Destiny Peterson told me she's staying local.

"Honestly I just want to be close to my family.. Go to school for nursing and get my classes finished,” said high school Destiny Peterson.

Perterson told me she plans to attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Bainbridge campus where she aims to use her education to contribute to the city's health care industry.

"After college I would [work] at Memorial Hospital and Manor working as a LPN or RN,” said Peterson.

Morehouse said events like this expose students to more options which tends to lead to the growth of Decatur County.

Another student shared plans to return home after finishing college to serve the community in the future.

"I would work at Memorial Hospital and just kind of see what all they offer,” according to Nadia Shelman, another high school senior.

I plan to continue tracking just how many seniors are securing jobs in their own backyards.

ABC 27 will have those official numbers when students officially accept job offers May 3.