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SEE WHY: Decatur Co. Development Authority proposes rezoning over 350 acres in Bainbridge

West Bainbridge neighbors said they are not happy with proposed changes to an area that borders their homes.
Posted at 5:52 PM, Jul 03, 2024
  • Rezoning aims to extend Downrange Industrial park for potential industy looking to grow.
  • Neighbors against the idea have put together a petition to show their discontent for the rezoning proposal.
  • Watch the story to learn why the rezoning request happened and what neighbors bourdering the area have to say about the ideal.


West Bainbridge neighbors said they are not happy with proposed changes to an area that borders their homes.

"People in the community are telling you outright they do not want this here," said Latoria Green, a west Bainbridge resident.

WTXL reporter AJ Douglas dug into the proposed plans and why some living here are against the idea.

"It's going to drop our property values," said another west Bainbridge resident, David Sandlin.

Sandlin has lived in West Bainbridge for decades.

He said he fears that the Development Authority of Bainbridge and Decatur County's application to change existing zoning from rural residential to heavy industrial could cause a series of problems for the neighbors bordering that area.

"If they put heavy industry next to homes that have been there for a hundred years.. Fifty years.. It's just not good," Sandlin.

June 4, development authority's executive director Rick McCaskill put in an application with the city's community development director Steve O'Neil.

The idea is for about 350 acres of west Bainbridge to be rezoned.

That rezoning would pave the way for expanding the Downrange Industrial Park.

Neighbors, like Latoria Green have questions including...

"How is this going to impact us with noise? How is this going to impact us boarding the [area] right on the line?" said Green.

After reviwing the Zoning Change Application.

The development authority writes quote: "with appropriate buffers, the effects of future development can be minimized."

Also asked McCaskill how this could benefit the community. He said if any existing industry partners plan to expand the added land would serve that purpose.

Looking ahead, there is a planning commission public meeting July 9th in city council chambers where the proposed rezoning will be discussed.