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Neighbor's weigh in on plans for "Bainbridge Tomorrow"

Bainbridge Tomorrow is a proposed plan that will impact the city's infrastructure for the next 25 years.
Posted at 5:53 PM, Jun 24, 2024
  • It's a plan that will serve as a guide for the city's infrastructure for the next 25 years.
  • Neighbors are asked to submit suggestions or comments to be a part of the planning process for Bainbridge Tomorrow.
  • Watch the story to hear what some of your neighbors had to say when asked what changes should be made in the city.


WTXL reporter AJ Douglas was in the Bainbridge neighborhood telling neighbors how they can use their voices to influence changes in all 12,659 acres of the city.

The city of Bainbridge recently announced a proposed plan known as Bainbridge Tomorrow.

It's a plan that will serve as a guide for the city's infrastructure for the next 25 years.

Neighbors have been asked to be a part of these plans by adding their own suggestions.

Some saying –

“ I would like to see them try to build better housing for lower income [residents],” said longtime east Bainbridge resident Tammy Jackson.

Jackson said she would like the city to invest more in lower income areas like east Bainbridge.

"It tends to be an area that's just infested with crime,” said Jackason.

The proposed plan will in fact address the city's housing needs as well as transportation, community service, and other key needs surrounding infrastructure.

While some neighbors have a clear picture of what new developments they would like to see, others aren't in a rush to change.

"I personally don't go out and about so I feel like it's okay for now,” said Shanie Register, another Bainbridge resident.

The proposed plan will consider pre-existing projects already on the way like the manufacturing company Anovion technologies, and other rumored industries like Publix and Waffle House.

Despite where you stand on the inevitable changes headed to Bainbridge city leaders want to hear from neighbors.

The next public meeting to discuss plans for Bainbridge Tomorrow will be August 29th at city hall.