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Leaders in the Donalsonville area urge business owner to take advantage of tax credits before it's too late

January 2021 the city of Donalsonville received the rural zone designation but it expires in 2026
Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 14, 2024
    • Qualifying business owners located in downtown Donalsonville could qualify for tax credits.
    • The rural zone designation grant is set to expire in 2026.
    • Watch the story to learn why these tax credit opportunities could boost the town's economy. 


    Businesses in Donalsonville have a chance at free money .. but time is running out..

    WTXL reporter AJ Douglas was outside the chamber of commerce in the Donalsonville neighborhood.

    The chamber is reaching out to downtown businesses owners about what they call a win-win opportunity.

    "It kind of gets people started.. It gives them a jumping off place,” said Sarah Avery , President of the Donalsonville Seminole County Chamber of Commerce.

    January 2021 the city of Donalsonville received the rural zone designation.

    The designation is a part of a statewide initiative to boost the economies of qualifying rural downtown areas that have experienced economic distress.

    "[I've been here most of my life. I've seen the changes,” according to Avery. “I've seen it go down and now I'm seeing it come back up."

    Avery invites more business owners to apply for the multiple tax credits offered through this program.

    "Come and talk with us, we'll try to help you figure it out,” said Avery.

    Eric William Gallegos is the owner of Rodeo Cantina and Grill.

    City leaders have their eyes on him because after the renovations he's made and the 15 jobs he's created Avery says he's eligible for tax credits.

    "[I want to ] expand around here and other communities.. That's what I want. That's what I'm trying to do,” Gallegos.

    Gallegos said his business has only been open for the past year and is already bringing more people to the area.

    "People come from different little towns like Blakely, Colquitt.. Bainbridge,” Gallegos.

    To qualify for tax credits, business owners need to be located in specific downtown areas...

    And either create at least two full time jobs... and rehabilitate their building in some way.

    Now some business owners may ALSO qualify for other grants ranging from rehabilitation tax credits or investment tax credits.

    Again, community leaders like Avery said it's a win-win situation for the business owners and Donalsonville.

    "Whatever it takes to make people want to make their town better,” said Avery.

    To learn more about business tax credit opportunities reach out to the local chamber.