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"Just clean it up” - Why east Bainbridge neighbors are fed up with dilapidated buildings

Posted at 5:57 PM, Feb 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-08 17:58:32-05
  • Neighbors are calling for abandoned buildings and lots to be upgraded.
  • You can submit ordinance complaints on the city's website. Then, the code enforcement team can visit the site and work to track down the property owner.
  • Watch the story to learn why some neighbors feel left out of city improvements.


Eastern Bainbridge neighbors say they are fed up with the number of abandoned buildings in the area.

"Just tear them down.. It would be a better look,” said Deloria Palmer, an eastern Bainbridge neighbor.

Those neighbors pointed out the problems and I'm checking with the city to see what can be done.

"Make the neighborhood look better,” said Cheryl Breedlove, owner of Cheryl for Hair salon.

Breedlove has been a part of the eastern Bainbridge community for decades.

She owns Cheryl's hair salon, so most neighbors know her well after sitting in her salon chair.

What neighbors may not know is that Breedlove also owns rental property in town.

Her goal?

"Tenants that are willing to come in and make it a home,” according to Breedlove.

She said an abandoned lot nearby is making that goal hard to achieve.

"Just clean it up,” said Palmer.

Palmer also lives in eastern Bainbridge.

She's calling on the city to take more action.

"There are areas that can be cleared out.. Debris.. Trees,” said Palmer.

Back in January I told neighbors how the city council has approved a multi-million dollar improvement plan for Shotwell and Scott Streets.

Those improvements include sidewalk expansions, evaluating drainage systems, renovations to Bainbridge mall, and redeveloping roadways.

But, Palmer says side streets in the eastern part of the city appear to be forgotten when it comes to improvements.

"The improvements should extend across the whole city, not just where we want the revenue to come from,” said Palmer.

But there is a way for neighbors to make their voices heard.

Check it out.

You can submit ordinance complaints on the city's website.

Then the code enforcement team can visit the site and work to track down the property owner.

Keep in mind, though, the city can't order anyone to do anything until court process completed

"I understand that challenge but it seems like there can be something you can do,” said Palmers.”

Breedlove said her request is simple.

"I'm hoping they will just step in and just clean up the lot,” said Breedlove.

Since I reached out to code enforcement I've been told that the city will begin the process to have the yard cut and hopefully maintained by the owner on a regular basis.

Submit ordinance complaints here.