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Hundreds in Bainbridge reportedly searching for work; see where unemployment stands

More businesses are popping up around the city, but some neighbors are having a hard time finding jobs.
Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-25 18:29:59-04
  • As many as 400 people are looking for jobs in the Bainbridge area.
  • The most recent unemployment report showed Decatur County has a 3.4 percent unemployment rate.
  • Watch the story to hear why one woman searching for work believes Bainbridge job market limits professionals.


More businesses are popping up around the city but some neighbors are having a hard time finding jobs.

How one woman is navigating an almost year long job search.

“It’s just submitting the application and immediately getting the rejection,” said Michka Guerrier.

Guerrier told me she lived in Florida for almost ten years but after finishing her masters degree program at Florida State University she decided relocating to Bainbridge was the best move

She’s one of the almost 400 neighbors searching for work in Bainbridge.

“It’s a beautiful town and there’s so much in Bainbridge to offer.. There’s so much that we can pull from Bainbridge,” said Guerrier.

Guerrier told me she has a law degree and over a decade of experience working in the courts system.

But despite holding a masters degree she continues to strike out in today’s jobs market.

“I started my search here in Bainbridge with the city and with the court house.. I don’t know if it’s maybe over qualification,” according to Guerrier.

The Bainbridge Decatur County Chamber of Commerce helps connect employers searching for candidates ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

  • New Hire Solutions
  • Ranstad USA 
  • Action labor & staffing

“[We’re} just trying to partner with our industry’s and community,” said Karin Tobin, President of the Bainbridge-Decatur County Chamber.
The chamber offers a program to high school seniors called Bearcat Workforce Now. The program is tailored to high school seniors looking to bypass college and join the workforce.

The program helps staff the almost 300 non-skilled positions available in the city..

But for the neighbors who have completed higher education.

“If you’re looking for something specific we may know about it. Stop into the chamber.. Give us a call,” said Tobin.

Decatur county reportedly has an unemployment rate of only 4%.

Guerrier says despite a low unemployment rate, if the city seeks to grow the job market must change to match the city's economic growth.

“We need new blood.. We need a new dynamic. In the offices and within the town,” said Guerrier,.

Those looking for help while on their job search are invited to connect with your local chamber office.