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Dilapidated homes in Bainbridge could be coming down

Trash, weeds and debris have covered what once stood a homes around the city
Posted at 5:42 PM, May 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-14 17:42:17-04
  • City to hold public hearing to hear from community when it comes to properties listed on the demolition ordinance list.
  • I heard from two people talk about how these buildings have impacted their neighborhoods.
  • Watch the story to learn what properties are likely coming down.


I'm digging into whether these buildings may be coming down, and who has the final decision.

"I thought it was a big eye sore and it was taken away from the apartment complex,” said Ross.

Trash, weeds and debris have covered what once stood a home on Miller Avenue.

Ross lives at the intersection of Miller Avenue and Bethel Road.

She said she fears this leafy section has contributed to crime in the area after a break in attempt earlier this year.

"I feel like they [lay in] waiting over here. They actually tore my kitchen screen off but I guess they couldn't get in because my window was locked,” according to Ross.

During last month's city council meeting the city council listed four properties on the demolition ordinance list. Those listed included:

811 Church Street

306 Miller Avenue

413 Lamar Street

705 Bruton Street

-which is where I met lifelong neighbor, Charlotte Wilson in the Pepper Hill community.

"I grew up right over there on the hill,” said Wilson.

Wilson said she wishes property owners would preserve the community's history well before the damage progresses to the point that it must be torn down.

"Usually the older people have passed on and the children leave because it's a small town,” said Wilson.

I talked to people in the community to learn what they thought property owners could do to pour back into the community once their land is cleared by the city.

Wilson said she believes building more affordable housing would be fruitful.

"Bring back young people into the neighborhood,” Wilson.

While Ross tells me -

"A park would be good,” said Ross.

The city will hear from the public during the next city council meeting May 21 to talk about properties on the demolition ordinance list.